Angus Hospitality and Tourism Taster Day 16th January 2019

On Wednesday
the 16th of January, DYW Dundee & Angus ran a Hospitality and
Tourism Taster Day in conjunction with Angus Council.  The aim of the event was to encourage young
people to view the hospitality and tourism sectors as desirable career paths
before they have made any career decisions. 
We invited a variety of different industry professionals along to speak
to over 60 S3 pupils from six of the secondary schools in Angus.

To begin the
day, we had an introduction from Hilary Tasker, Sector Officer – Food & Drink at
Angus Council, who shared
some local labour information with the pupils around the Angus economy.  The pupils then moved into their groups and
worked their way around the different employer’s activities.

Richard from Angus
Alive Countryside Adventure spoke to the young people about how Angus countryside is one of the most diverse in
Scotland and that visitors and residents have opportunities to do a number of
types of activity from water sports to cycling to hill walking.  The young people then had a practical
activity using a compass and map to orient themselves.

Angus Alive Museums,
Galleries and Archives staff brought along a number of different objects for
the young people to see and use.  The
pupils then had to decide what the items were and what they were used for.  The staff spoke about how to use feedback to
work with customers to improve the service.

El Tajin worked
with the pupils around the restaurant trade. The pupils discussed taking orders
and how to make food look attractive on the plate.  They cooked quesadillas then presented these
to the rest of the group.

Entier worked
with the young people on the precision needed for 5-star table setting and
serving along with the importance or customer service. No glasses where broken and
all the pupils had a very good time.

The activity
with Glamis Castle was about the usefulness of having a second (or third!)
language within the hospitality and tourism sectors.  There was also discussion about the tour
guide career and working at a heritage site.

When the groups
worked with Murton Trust, they learned about the trust and the different
activities they undertake. Again, Sophie from Murton discussed some of the
transferrable skills around communication and customer service that are
important in the sector.

Red Pepper
Event Management were looking at how to manage events and the different skills
and abilities pupils would use in this career. 
They spoke about some of the events they had organised and all the
different strands that make a successful event.

As the pupils
visited each employer, the staff discussed their roles and other types of roles
within their sector too, giving the pupils a holistic view of the different

the end of the day, we had a talk from Laurence Durdan, Sector
Manager – Tourism at Skills Development Scotland.  Laurence told us about the hospitality and
tourism industries being one of Scotland’s largest employers and inputs hugely
to our GDP.

If you are
interested in engaging with local young people, offering a visit to your
business or taking part in a similar activity, please don’t hesitate to get in
touch with DYW Dundee & Angus – we can support you throughout –