Arbroath Academy with Dawnfresh Seafoods Ltd

Last week Ross and Angela from the DYW Team were lucky enough see the start of an excellent example of a School/Business Partnership between Arbroath Academy and Dawnfresh Seafoods Ltd.


Dawnfresh have engaged with the school’s S3 Home Economics classes to set a 5 week project around how to design, market and sell a food product. Pupils have to work in teams to come up with a concept for a new product, create a USP, create a logo and all marketing material before presenting their finished product to Dawnfresh staff Dragon’s Den style!


From the teacher’s perspective, having the business into the classroom to set the project was fantastic. Part of the pupils S3 Home Economics course each year is around designing a food product and usually this is set by the teacher. However, with the introduction of Dawnfresh staff to the lesson, this project was able to be brought to life for the pupils by professionals who are constantly looking to introduce new and exciting products to the market to stay ahead of their competition. Something pupils had never considered the importance of before within industry.


This type of interaction between an external local business and a school is invaluable, as it helps contextualise learning for pupils where they see where their food comes from, the processes involved in the food manufacturing industry and also the variety of careers available to them right on their doorstep.


We look forward to watching this new Partnership develop as time goes on!


If you are an employer who would like to work with education in some way, or a teacher who would like to bring industry into the classroom to complement their teaching, then please contact our DYW Dundee and Angus team who will be able to advise and guide you through the process.