Looking for Advice and Support?

Do you know all the support that is available for young people in Dundee & Angus looking for the next step? There is also specific information available for parents and carers who want to help their young people make the best choices for them as individuals.

Skills Development Scotland staff are available in school and in the Dundee & Arbroath offices to talk to young people one-to-one about a variety of things including help with CV’s, applications (work, college, university, apprenticeships) and interviews or help in identifying what the best path and next step is.
DYW Dundee & Angus regularly post about apprenticeships, jobs and opportunities in the local area.
School guidance staff can help young people find work experience placements, mentoring and shadowing opportunities throughout the school year.
D&A College regularly run open days and workshops for young people not sure if college is right for them.
My World of Work is an on-line one-stop shop for young people looking for information and wanting to develop their skills. Here you can get information about what careers suit your strengths, what skills and qualifications you need and where to get them. There is advice about how to prepare for interviews, what to include in applications and how to write CV’s. There is even the ability to store CV’s in your account so you will always have access wherever you are, even after leaving school. There are sections for young people, parents and teachers with unique resources to offer the best advice and support.
Apprenticeship.scot allows you to search for apprenticeship opportunities across Scotland either by geographic area (including travelling distance) or by industry. As well as lots of information about the benefits of apprenticeships and how to apply for one.
There is so much support out there to help young people find their next step and develop their strengths. Just get in touch and ask.