Partnership Week

This week we (DYW D&A) have run a social media campaign to promote partnership work between schools/colleges and employers. During the week we have promoted some of the amazing partnerships in Dundee and Angus, presented a company and school with a partnership certificate for their great work, and shown why partnerships are so beneficial.


On day 1 we showcased the partnership work Grove Academy and The Unicorn are doing. The partnership was set up early last year and has really blossomed since.

In January 2018 they worked together on a project for 2nd year pupils. Pupils visited The Unicorn and where given a tour by Billy Rough (Learning and Engagement Co-Ordinator). The pupils then had 6 weeks had to complete 3 tasks relating to The Unicorn. The project worked so well that it run again next year. Click here to read the full article.


Day 2: Rachel and Lottie from the team visited Harris Academy to meet with them and EQ Accountants, and present them with their partnership certificates. EQ Accountants have already talked in classes about career paths in their industry and they have agreed to work together with the school on more projects in the upcoming months. Click here to read the full article written by EQ Accountants.


On day 3 we shared a leaflet to show why partnership work is so beneficial for schools and day 4 we shared a leaflet showing why partnership work is so beneficial to employers. To see these leaflets, contact the DYW team at


On the last day of the campaign, we showcased the partnership between Arbroath Academy and Dawnfresh Seafood Ltd. Dawnfresh delivered ‘Project Barracuda’ to S3 Home Economics pupils. They were given 5 weeks to create a fish product and then present their concept to staff from Dawnfresh. This helped pupils learn about the industry, while grow confidence and team working skills and slotting in with their curriculum. Click here to read the full article.


This week has showcased the positive impact partnerships make on pupils and on employers. If you are an employer or teacher and you would like to be involved in this kind of fantastic work, get in touch with us.

Email –

Telephone – 01382 443 409