DYW D&A Recognition Event 2019

Developing the Young Workforce Dundee & Angus (DYW D&A) invites you to submit your nominations for the 2nd Annual Recognition Event being held on 20 June 2019 which will showcase and celebrate some of the best practice DYW activity taking place across Dundee and Angus.

How do I enter?

Entering is simple but please read over the following criteria before continuing on to the nominations.

Submissions should be around two paragraphs long.  Each nomination will include the following:

  • Education Institution name and/or Employer name
  • Project name and date (must have taken place between June 2018 – April 2019)
  • Names of specific teacher/employee/champion
  • Brief description of the project
  • Why it should win the category
  • Your contact details (in case we need to get in touch)


  • All activities must be based in Dundee or Angus but do not have to have worked directly with the regional DYW team.
  • Multiple entries are allowed.
  • If your nomination does not include the requested information, it may not be included.
  • The judges’ decision is final.
  • All nominations must be submitted by 12 noon on Friday 24 May.
  • The organisers reserve the right to publish and exhibit text, and images from the entry and Recognition Event for the purposes of promoting Developing the Young Workforce Dundee & Angus.

Submit your nomination at DYW D&A Recognition 2019 Event by 12 noon on Friday 24 May.

If you have any questions regarding the entry process, please contact the DYW D&A Team on 01382 443 433 or contact@dywda.co.uk.

The Award Entry Criteria

Please read the individual award criteria before submitting your nominations.

Award for Curriculum Input – School/College

This award is for employer input into the school/college curriculum and covers a multitude of engagement both on or off school/college premises.

Definitions of curriculum input;

  • An employer delivers content that covers curriculum topics or outputs.
  • Demonstrates contextualised learning / real-life application of skills.
  • Can occur in the classroom, on school/college premises, or at an appropriate external venue.


Award for Project-Based Learning in School/College

This award is for an employer-supported project-based learning activity in a school/college.

Definitions of Project Based Learning;

  • Project-based learning is; pupils are set a specific task, with a clear brief and deadline by a professional, usually connected to the professional’s industry. This is often undertaken within class time, but not necessarily.
  • Employer supported is; setting the task, monitoring and supporting in person or via digital means throughout the lifetime of the project then de-briefing at the end of the task.
  • Demonstrates clear links between the skills developed (soft skills and role-specific skills) in the project and the world of work.
  • Multi-disciplinary / inter-disciplinary or related to one subject.


Award for School-Employer Partnership: Dundee

Award for School-Employer Partnership: Angus

Award for College-Employer Partnership

These awards recognise partnerships between an employer and a school/college, where they have committed to work together over at least one academic year on multiple different activities or one repeated activity.

Definitions of school-employer partnership;

  • The partners have worked together over at least one academic year, on multiple or repeated activities (including, but not limited to, work experience, curriculum input, workplace visits, project-based learning, mentoring, career talks and employability support e.g. running mock interviews, CV sessions etc.).
  • There is evidence of good collaboration in the partnership, creating learning opportunities and increasing awareness of each other’s worlds.


Award for Providing Meaningful Work Experience Placement

This award recognises the contribution of a well-designed work experience placement to a young person’s development in Dundee or Angus.

Definition of meaningful work experience;

  • Evidence of good planning and preparation ahead of the placement starting.
  • The work placement includes an appropriate induction and plan to maximise the young person’s ability to learn while on placement.
  • The placement brought benefits to the young person in relation to skills developed, preparedness for work and industry insight.
  • The organisation realised the benefits of having a young person contribute to their workforce.


DYW Champion Award Dundee: Education – Employer

DYW Champion Award Angus: Education – Employer

This award recognises an individual or group who has championed the DYW message, through supporting DYW activity and promoting its value to others.

Definition of DYW champion;

  • The DYW champion could be an apprentice, an educator, an employer or another partner.
  • Has demonstrated a clear commitment to developing DYW activity in the region.

Note: The people nominated for these awards do not have to have worked directly with the regional DYW team to be nominated

Submit your nomination at DYW D&A Recognition 2019 Event by 12 noon on Friday 24 May.

Why enter?

This is an excellent opportunity for your company/school/organisation to be recognised for the good work that you do.

Across the whole region, there is a pressing need to make sure young people have the right skills and experience to enter fulfilling careers and grow our local economy.

Dundee has one of the highest rates of youth unemployment in Scotland. Across Dundee and Angus, there are over 640 young people not in training, education or employment – but we know there are important sectors of the economy with skills shortages and an ageing workforce.

The work you are doing is helping overcome these challenges; we want to support, promote and share your example with other businesses across the region and Scotland.


How will my entry be judged?

After the entry deadline, the judging panel will meet to review and choose the shortlisted and winning entrants. The judging panel will be looking for submissions that display originality, quality opportunities for young people, strong partnership working and impact.

The judges are:

  • Hilary Tasker – Developing the Young Workforce Dundee & Angus, Manager.
  • Alison Henderson – Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce, Chief Executive.
  • Alison Fraser – Angus Council, Team Leader Developing Young Workforce. TBC
  • Kenny McKeown – Dundee City Council, Education Officer.


When will shortlist & winners be announced?

Shortlisted submissions will be announced on the 7 June.  The winners will be announced at the Recognition Event on 20 June.

Shortlisted entrants will be notified by email that will include an invitation to the Recognition Event.


The Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will take place on 20 June 2019 between 5 and 7 pm at Dundee & Angus College Gardyne Campus, Gardyne Road, Dundee, DD5 1NY.

Tickets are available at here.

Submit your nomination at DYW D&A Recognition 2019 Event by 12 noon on Friday 24 May.