DYW Summer Sectors Campaign

This coming Monday marks the start of the Summer holidays! But it also marks the start of our Summer Sectors Campaign!

This campaign will last the six weeks of the Summer Holidays. Each week will be based around one business sector, covering a wide variety of jobs across Dundee and Angus.

The sectors are…………



Food and Agriculture,

Admin/Business services,

Healthcare, and

Animal care.


Over the course of the six weeks we will be promoting some great opportunities such as jobs and apprenticeships, busting some myths, interviewing some amazing people, and sharing some fun activities to keep you busy over the summer.


If you have any information about any of these sectors or if you have an opportunity you would like us to promote, contact us:

For Creative and Animal care, contact Rachel at Rachel@dywda.co.uk

For Science and Food and Agriculture, contact Ross at Ross@dywda.co.uk

For Admin/Business Services and Healthcare, contact Ailsa at Ailsa@dywda.co.uk