Business & Language Events 2017.

This week saw several events held across Dundee schools to support S3 pupils in their course choices and to broaden their horizons about the variety of careers available to them.The Business & Language Careers Events were organised by 1+2 Tayside and supported by DYW Dundee & Angus. Each event took place over a morning and covered the whole of the third year cohort. We were in St Pauls R.C Academy on Tuesday 5th December, St John’s R.C High School on Wednesday 6th December and Harris Academy on Thursday 6th December.

The year group came together at the start of the school day for a brief introduction; which highlighted to them the multitude of industries that would soon be flourishing in Dundee and Tayside. Along with discussing the variety of pathways which could help them achieve their career goals (apprenticeships, college, university or straight into work.) The introduction also touched upon the fact that employers looked for more than just qualifications, young people also need personal strengths, which can only be developed through experience.

After the introduction the cohort was split into smaller groups which rotated around different 20 minute sessions run by local businesses and organisations. These sessions were an opportunity for the pupils to engage with local professionals and ask questions. Career paths, experience and learning were illustrated to them with a personal and local context.

The aim of these workshops was to illustrate to the young people how beneficial learning a second language or studying business is for any future career they might pursue. With the ultimate hope of encouraging them to choose a modern language and/or business studies at subject choice in January/February.

One of the sessions was run by Skills Development Scotland personnel, who discussed with the young people that careers, jobs and industries are changing. Highlighting the international nature of modern jobs and the need to be able to work effectively across borders, languages and cultures.

Having local professionals involved in schools provides more context and impact for the young people (it makes the statements of teachers realistic and relevant), while also making them more aware of different careers and pathways. All of which helps young people begin thinking about what they personal could achieve and how.

Thank you to all of the companies, organisations and individuals who got involved; Skills Development Scotland, University of Dundee, Al-Maktoum College, Michelin, Visit Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, Volpa, Councillor Lynne Short, Dover Fueling Solutions and Douglas Henry.

If you are interested in working with young people across Dundee and Angus don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.