Journeycall is an Arbroath based contact centre, providing services within the public transport and smartcard industries.   An initial meeting between Claire, DYW employer liaison advisor, and the business highlighted the range of opportunities for young people in this growing industry.  Journeycall wanted to communicate this to young people and felt involvement with local schools could achieve this.  They wanted to partner with a local school to promote the range of jobs within Journeycall and their parent company ESP Group.  It was now down to Claire to connect them with a school partner.

In discussion with Arbroath Academy, Claire found out they were looking for business input into their new qualification in Cyber Security.  Knowing Journeycall had a department allocated to this, Claire arranged a meeting with them and the school to explore options. They agreed to work on two initial projects.

  1. Employability skills for pupils. This would be developed by the deputy head teacher and Journeycall’s HR department and would cover psychometric testing, on line application forms, personal brand and presentation skills.
  2. Cyber security projects and input. Both the school and business were keen to develop a partnership within the classroom to help deliver the cyber security qualification, with the computing teachers and Journeycall staff working together to develop this.

Claire is keeping in contact with both parties and offering support if needed and there has been great feedback from the school and the business with a commitment to working together into the future.