Creative Industries Pecha Kucha Style Teach Meet

Dundee is not just a city undergoing a renaissance, it is also a cultural hub, whose renown continues to grow.

Locally we have Dundee Rep, the only repertory theatre in Scotland. We are the original home of Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto, from which has grown a thriving gaming and digital industry, supported by Abertay University, offering the first computer games design courses in the world. Dundee’s music scene has been bolstered by the introduction of concerts at Mary Slessor Gardens. DJCAD is an internationally respected institution whose students regularly go onto to make a name for themselves. The Beano and the Dandy both started here and a legacy of comic books, culture and art have sprung from them. We have the DCA, The Space, Creative Dundee and more, creative and cultural organisations, sites, companies and individuals, whose opportunities are limitless. The epitome of this cultural resurgence is the new V&A Museum of Design.

Dundee, and its surrounding area, are an epicentre for design, art, dance, music, theatre, film, and creativity. But if we want creativity to be a key aspect of Dundee’s continuing innovation, identity and legacy, rather than just a fleeting moment of brilliance, we must build now for the future and share knowledge and experiences with the next generation.

Developing the Young Workforce Dundee & Angus, working in collaboration with Creative Dundee, have created an event that harnesses some of the incredible creative energy, enthusiasm and expertise that is currently working in our city to support young people. Our future creative practitioners, helping to ensure a continuing industry and lasting legacy.

On Tuesday 30th October DYW DA and Creative Dundee brought together local current creative practitioners, from numerous different industries and backgrounds, with educators and young people for a Creative Industries Pecha Kucha Style Teach Meet. The aim being to better inform teachers, and those who work with young people, about the huge range of careers within the creative industries, and those that require creative abilities. As well as touching upon the number of pathways into these careers and opportunities and the skills and qualifications which are most sought after. This will allow teachers to support their students, now and in the future, in a way that will prepare them for life after school and real career opportunities.

Local young people had an opportunity to speak directly to local creative practitioners, learn about their careers and journeys, and most importantly ask advice of those who have done it before them.

Speakers included Erin Stevenson from Puny Astronaut, designer Louise Kirby, Annie Marrs from UNESCO City of Design/Cultural Strategy team, Douglas and Henry from BitLoom and Allan McIntyre from the V&A Dundee.

This event was a Teach Meet, as well as a Pecha Kucha. After the speeches the creative and expressive arts teachers, from across Dundee and Angus, had the opportunity to network and share their experiences and examples of best practice. Several teachers said they would be taking new knowledge and ideas back to the classroom to better support the pupils they work with.

On the evening we also had stands and staff from Dundee & Angus College, Abertay University and DJCAD. Giving teachers real-life examples of the progression pathways available to their pupils and links they can make while still at secondary school.

The feedback from this event is very positive and there is clearly an appetite for more knowledge of and opportunities in the Creative Industries sector.

If you are a teacher, careers adviser, young person or parent looking to improve your knowledge of the creative industries you can still benefit from this event. The evening was live streamed via YouTube and the video is now permanently available. Please use this as a resource for engaging with and supporting young people interested in a career in the creative industries.

If you are interested in this type of event, or a professional keen to get involved with young people or education don’t hesitate to get in touch with the DYW Dundee & Angus team.