Design Process Experience

James Buchan and Rick Messitt, co-founders of Zudu, spent the morning working with 4th year Graphic Communication students at St John’s.

Using one of their own apps, designed to a client’s brief, as a tangible example, James and Rick walked the students through the ideation and design process. Zudu then split the class into teams and challenged them to work through the same process on their own idea for an app. Rick and James spoke to each group and helped them refine their ideas and process. The session concluded with each group pitching their own ideas and answering questions about growth, monetisation, partnerships and more from James and Rick.

Having experienced professionals in the class engaging with the young people made the ideas discussed and illustrated much more relevant for the students. The concepts were no longer simply things learned from a text book and regurgitated at exam time, they were functioning tools and aspects of employability. Rick and James not only showed how these processes were used outside of school, in the workplace, they gave the students insight into the working world. They discussed the importance of digital marketing and networking, the need to minimise risk and how to keep a client happy through communication and good customer service.

Such engagement is invaluable for young people as it broadens their horizons, introduces them to the working world and illustrates how to convert what they learn in school to careers. The engagement is also beneficial for businesses; in the immediacy as CPD for current employees, but also for future growth. These young people will soon become potential employees and every business wants the best candidates possible; who are aware, prepared and capable of continuing to learn. Engaging with students helps ensure that young people are interested and engaged future workers.

If you would like to engage with students of any age, the DYW Dundee & Angus team are happy to help facilitate.