DYW Champion – Dundee – John Alexander, Alexander Decorators Limited

Journey to this point


John Alexander has been running his own company since 2002. John started by himself and now has over 20 staff on the payroll including young and adult apprentices.

Alexander Decorators Limited has taken on over 10 apprentices over the years. To celebrate the opening of a new Training Academy, it is taking on three more apprentices’ this year, one of which has come though the work experience scheme.


How did they win?


John has been hosting young people on work experience placements since 2006, on average this can be 20/30 young people per year. This is the reason for opening the John Alexander Decorators Training Academy, to give more young people an insight into the building trade.

John himself went back into studying to become a health and safety consultant so he can help train young people the importance of health and safety in the work place.

Alexander Decorators Limited works with all schools in the Dundee area and are now working with Helm and Rockwell Offsite Learning Centre to help as many more as possible.


John says;

“Everyone needs a chance in life so I believe in giving back to the community as I am from a housing estate myself. If I never had a chance would I be where I am today? Who knows.”


What next?


The focus is to grow the business and the training academy to give more young people the opportunity to experience the building trade, and continuing to develop the partnerships with the schools in Dundee, Helm and Rockwell.

The ability to give that opportunity to young people would appear to be key for Alexander Decorators Limited.