DYW Equalities Campaign

Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) 21 regional groups are preparing to launch an equalities focused week of events and social media campaign across Scotland on w/c Monday 16th November 2020. The week campaign will be aimed at employers, parents and young people that promotes, illustrates and celebrates diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Building on last year’s #ajobforeverybody campaign with another week of highlights we will be introducing a new feature as part of the week – #myskillsmakeme a social media campaign we are encouraging everyone to take part in!


On w/c 16th November we will be using #ajobforeverybody to share stories and experiences which prove that everyone can contribute and be of benefit to employers.

Aimed at employers, parents and young people #ajobforeverybody intends to promote, illustrate and celebrate diversity and inclusion in the workplace as well as to encourage businesses and organisations to realise that there are many organisations in the region around them willing to meet with them and advise and support them in recruiting.

The week will consist of:

  • Live Event – ‘Strengthening Diversity through Inclusion’ with 3 In Consulting
  • Webisodes – from the DWP featuring Disability Confident and the return of ‘Play Your Cards Right!’ with Sue Livermore, (from Dumfries & Galloway College) which was extremely well received last year.  
  • #Myskillsmakeme – social media campaign

Live Event

‘Strengthening Diversity through Inclusion’

18th November, 12pm

with 3 In Consulting, presented by Paul Skovron

During this live event Paul will be talking about the pitfalls and advantages of creating a diverse workforce. The session will cover:

  • The importance of equality in the workplace and the legal requirements on organisations to comply with the Equality Act
  • The impact of discrimination and bias in the workplace
  • Explain the concepts of diversity and inclusion
  • The opportunities and advantages of creating an empowered diverse workforce
  • How an engaged diverse workforce transforms organisations
  • How an inclusive organisation can reap tangible benefits through the diversity

Booking for the event can be made via the Eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/strengthening-diversity-through-inclusion-tickets-124662854955. Details on where it will be premiering will be circulated ASAP.


All of the below webisodes will sit on DYW Dumfries and Galloway’s YouTube channel. The webisodes will be posted from DYW Scot’s twitter page as well as DYW Dumfries and Galloway’s social media channels on the specific date allocated below.

‘Play Your Cards Right’

16th – 20th November

with Sue Livermore

A series of 5 x 5 minute webisodes highlighting actual advertisements published in various magazines/papers from businesses and organisations.

  • Monday 16th November – Webisode 1: Faith
  • Tuesday 17th November – Webisode 2: Husband and wife..?
  • Wednesday 18th November – Webisode 3: Robust
  • Thursday 19th November – Webisode 4: On Show
  • Friday 20th November – Webisode 5: Sick

Disability Confident

17th – 19th November

with DWP

A series of 3×5 minute introductions to the Disability Confident programme from Department of Work and Pensions.

  • Tuesday 17th November – Webisode 1: Welcome to Disability Confident
  • Wednesday 18th November – Webisode 2: What do you need to provide?
  • Thursday 19th November – Webisode 3: Progress with Disability Confident


This year we are also introducing a new feature as part of the week – #myskillsmakeme.

Similar to #NoWrongPath we have produced a simple visual template that people from all backgrounds will be able to download and use to highlight their skills and encourages them to think aspirationally about their career pathways. This element is also open to all ages so that adults who have had to struggle with society perceptions when in work can also act as role models to the next generation.

This element is also open to all ages so that adults who have had to struggle with society perceptions when in work can also act as role models to the next generation.

By looking beyond the barrier or condition we want to show young people and individuals that by working on their skills, attitude and approach to life they have it within their control to affect their outcome and we want employers to see the emerging talent of our young people based on the skills they are developing.  

We would like to encourage all young people, adults and schools in Dundee & Angus to get involved by taking part in the #myskillsmake me activity and posting it on social media w/c 16th November tagging DYW Dundee & Angus (on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin) and using the hashtag #myskillsmakeme and #ajobforeverybody.

We have created two #myskillsmakeme activities one aimed at young people and one aimed at adults. These templates can be printed off and completed.

How to get involved

Support your employer network – Reach out to people in your area and encourage them to get involved with the promotional week.

Spread the word to employers/young people/adults – Use your communications channels to promote the equalities focused week to employers, young people and adults. This could be by posting on social media, website, news page etc. to create a powerful campaign.

Engage young people/adults/schools in your local area – Encourage young people, adults and schools in your local area to get involved in the campaign by asking them to take part in the #myskillsmakeme activity provided and posting about it w/c 16th November.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this campaign then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Lynn Cunningham – lynn@dywda.co.uk. We would love to hear from you!