DYW Key Workers – Louis Ford

Louis started off as a student Ambulance Technician and is currently a student at the Scottish Ambulance Service Academy within Glasgow Caledonian University completing a course to become a Paramedic. He has returned to front line duties recently to support efforts to tackle the COVID-19 Pandemic.



NameLouis Ford
Job TitleTrainee Paramedic
Previous JobsStudent Ambulance Technician
Ambulance Technician

What attracted you to the industry you are in?

Helping people, providing for my community and for the fact that no two days are the same.

How long have you been with the company?

3.5 years.

Describe your day-to-day role

Working on a front line Accident & Emergency Ambulance.

What kind of training have you done?

I have attained vocational qualifications through the Scottish Ambulance Service, completed an Emergency Driving course and I’m currently a student at the Scottish Ambulance Service Academy within Glasgow Caledonian University completing my Dip HE in Paramedic Practice (I’ve returned to front line duties during the COVID-19 Pandemic)

What skills have you learned?

Clinical assessment skills, emergency response driving, leadership skills, manual handling, pharmacology and pathophysiology are some of the skills and learning required to do this role.

Have you completed any professional qualifications?

SVQF Level 7 – Diploma for Ambulance Technicians. Currently working towards my Dip HE in Paramedic Practice.

Do you like living and working in Perth & Kinross?

I enjoy living and working here, I was raised and attended school in Perth. I have lots of friends and family here and enjoy walking and cycling in the hills around Perthshire and Tayside.

What skills are the most important for you to do your job well?

Communication skills, good ability to problem solve and good situational awareness.

Was there anything about the job that surprised you?

I was initially surprised by the variety of cases that the Ambulance Service attended.

Do you get a lot of support from your company?

Yes, there is a lot of support available that can be accessed digitally or face to face with team leaders or line managers. I have always felt well supported in my role.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I enjoy working with lots of great professionals and I have enjoyed working at various events including Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend and the Solheim Cup at Gleneagles.

Did you always want to pursue a career in this industry?

Yes, ever since I was a little boy.

What is your advice for young school leavers looking to start an apprenticeship?

For anyone looking to pursue a career within the Ambulance Service I would recommend volunteering where possible with your local First Responder group or First Aid organisation. You should also work towards gaining your driving license as it’s an essential pre-requisite for joining the Scottish Ambulance Service. A basic understanding of Human Biology and Anatomy would also be beneficial before pursuing a career in healthcare.

What is your career goal?

I hope to work as a Paramedic within various roles during my career in the Scottish Ambulance Service. The role of a Paramedic is evolving and as well as working as a Paramedic as part of a crew on an Ambulance there is now opportunities to work as a Paramedic in various roles throughout the service including; Special Operations, on one of the services aircraft or as a Specialist Paramedic amongst other roles.

How does it feel to be a KeyWorker on the frontline, supporting the Country’s fight against Covid-19

It has been challenging at times however, I feel myself and my colleagues have stepped up to provide the best care we can for our patients and wider community. I also have a pregnant wife and a young son at home so we have had to make some adjustments to our living arrangements to ensure I can continue to work whilst minimising the risk to my family.

Tell us what makes you proud to be a Keyworker

I feel proud to go to work every day knowing that I’m helping my community and have the potential to save a life.