Graduate Apprenticeships

The countdown is on with just over 2 weeks to go until Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2019, there are more amazing events popping up in the area including Scotland’s Biggest Parents Evening hosted by DYW D&A in Arbroath. We are continuing on with the apprenticeship family after exploring foundation and modern apprenticeships in the last two weeks and are now looking at the last in the family, Graduate Apprenticeships.


A Graduate Apprenticeship (GA) is a new type of apprenticeship launched recently by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) with 12 frameworks available. A GA is a work based learning qualification combined with education to achieve a degree level qualification aimed at new and existing employees. The work/study balance is usually 80% in the work place and 20% in the university but this can vary slightly.


“International experience demonstrates how degree-level apprenticeships can drive economic growth. We believe this approach can benefit the Scottish economy” SDS


As a young person who has spent most of their life studying, the thought of going to university may be the last thing on the agenda. A GA is a way of gaining up to a Master’s degree, SCQF level 11, without the full commitment of attending university full-time.



The University of Dundee is one of the providers of this within the local area and offers courses in:

  • IT Management for Business
  • IT Software Development
  • Engineering Design and Manufacturing
  • Civil Engineering
  • Business Management

For more information on GAs as a student or an employer please email Kirsty Peters, who will be able to provide this for you.


As an employer, you can get information on the right type of apprentice for your business from as well as an interesting case study from CGI. also has information available to anyone on what a GA is and how to get involved as well as  FAQ’s.













In the image above it is clear to see the success and growth in just 2 years.

Next week we will be asking two of our very own apprentices some questions about their experience so far. If you have any questions for them please send them to