Happy Summer Holidays


That is all Angus and Dundee schools off on holiday now. I hope staff and students alike enjoy themselves and get the opportunity to recharge their batteries. There has been some incredible Developing the Young Workforce activity in the last academic year across all levels of education; client briefs, work experiences, apprenticeships, partnerships, training and advice days and more.

Your local DYW team aren’t stopping for the summer though. We will be out knocking on doors and coming up with ideas and opportunities for everyone to get involved in next term. If you have any brainwaves get in touch with us.

For all students leaving for their next big adventure, Good Luck!

Throw yourself into every experience. Whether it’s something you are passionate about or not, you will gain something from it. The soft and transferable skills you pick-up will be very valuable in whatever career you go for.

For those who still aren’t sure what they want to do next, there is so much support available to help you. SDS, can offer you advice and point you in the right direction. You can search for apprenticeships local to you, or in an industry you are interested in through apprenticeships.scot. Clearing can help if you decide college or university is the route you need to take. Or there are lots of job search sites available.

Whatever you decide good luck and go for it.