How To…Prepare to apply for a job

Some say applying for a job is easy; you log onto the internet and search through job search sites or Facebook and submit your application but there is more to it than that. In this article we will look at the steps you should take before submitting that job application.


The best places to look


Where are the best places to look for a job in 2019? It used to be you’d wait for the Friday newspaper to come out search the job section and circle your best options. While this is still an option, the number available has gone from a full page to just a select few. With today’s technology, the best place to look is online.

There are an array of job search sites including indeed, S1 Jobs, Monster, MyJobScotland and There are also job search agencies such as Search, Hays and Office Angels who will offer you one on one support and job placement.

Go direct to the scene – Many companies also have job advertisements on their own websites, this can often be found at the bottom of their web pages.

Social media is now used widely used by companies to post job advertisements. LinkedIn is the Facebook of the working world; it is the equivalent of an online CV where some companies can approach you with work. Facebook now also has a job section as well, which many companies use.

Don’t forget to look locally, some places such as café’s and shops may also advertise jobs on a board in their premises and JobCentre Plus is still available in most towns and cities as well as online.


Searching for Jobs


There are so many articles available online with tips on how to search for jobs which usually all suggest the same thing. Some of these tips include;


  • Networking – look for networking events in the area or set up a LinkedIn page. Start with people you know and grow your network.
  • Be confident – even if you’re not confident, act confident. The phrase ‘Fake it ‘till you make it’ is completely true. This is when doing your research on the company can help.
  • Try volunteering – this will give you great life experience as well as learning more practical skills of being in the working environment.
  • Use a recruitment agency – having someone to talk to, who knows how to get a job can give you the boost you need.
  • Research the company – this is key for applying for any role and for preparing for your interview.


These are just some tips and this list is by far from exhaustive. Don’t forget to speak to your family and friends, they may know of jobs or know people who can help. Word-of-mouth is an important way to find out so ask around, tell people you’re looking. You’ll find most people are happy to help you out and offer suggestions.


According to LinkedIn, 80% of people find jobs through people they already know.


What you need to do next


You need to find out if you need a CV and covering letter or is it an online application form. Some businesses won’t accept a CV and covering letter and only accept their own application forms, either printed out or submitted online. This will still include all the information which would be included in your CV but in a format which is more suited to them.

When applying for jobs you need to make sure your CV is up-to-date for the post you are applying for. A CV isn’t one size fits all, it needs to be adapted to fit the job and not packed with information overload. There are various layouts for a CV which can be found online. My World of Work offer a CV builder service for free if you require any help.

You need to make sure you research the company you are applying to. During the application stage basic research will suffice, if you are invited to interview then having a more in-depth knowledge of the company is advised.

It is very important you note the submission date for any applications. If you miss the submission date and/or time, most companies will not accept your application.

Searching and applying for jobs and then preparing for interviews can take a bit of time, but there is lots of support and advice available to everyone to ensure that it isn’t too difficult. Good Luck.