Introducing Street League

Street League are the UK’s largest Sport for employment charity and are very excited to have recently expanded our Dundee team to now deliver within Angus. We strive to support young people gain and improve their employability skills as well as enhancing their physical and mental well-being.

At Street League Angus we offer support via two main services. Our Employability Fund academies are open to any unemployed young person aged 16-24 and give them the opportunity to gain SQA qualifications, build a sustainable daily structure and upgrade their employability skills through workshops and fitness sessions. We then support them into their chosen destination and offer a 6 months aftercare to both them and the employer/college.

Our “Street Sports” sessions are open to any unemployed young person aged 16-29. These sessions consist of fitness/football drop in`s and  workshops covering a variety of needs such as CV building, interview skills training, and supported job searching or college applications.

We recognise that the employment landscape for young people is not always an equal playing field, even more so due to the long lasting impacts from Covid 19 which will undoubtedly disadvantage the employment prospects of young people more so than others.

We have continued to support young people throughout lockdown as we felt our support was required more than ever, having recently completed our first virtual academy.  We are very excited to now be back doing what we love and engaging with young people face to face to help them work towards their futures.

At Street League a large part of our programme involves setting up work placements for young people in order to help them gain some hands on experience in the work place.  As we are just starting out in Angus we are very keen to establish positive relationships here and provide work ready young people to those businesses which have a direct positive impact on the local economy.

Street League would welcome the opportunity to engage with employers in Angus and look forward to a positive future within the region.

For more information or to contact Street League, visit