The DYW team were asked by the Dundee schools skills & enterprise group to deliver a project that would support winter leavers, focusing on the skills and approaches needed to apply for and get a job. The Bank of Scotland partnered with the DYW team to deliver a two stage series of workshops to achieve this.

The first sessions covered areas like personal brand, teamwork and interview skills. The young people were then given job descriptions for a bank role, and were asked to complete an application form and CV ahead of the second stage. In the second stage they each had an interview with a bank manager and also received information about Modern Apprenticeships from SDS and a young MA from Caledonia Housing Association, as well as undertaking job search activity. All young people received comprehensive feedback on their interview from the bank managers.

The evaluation from pupils was extremely positive with statements such as “It has made me confident in applying for jobs and being successful in interviews in future.”  We also learned from the pupils that they would like more information on CV writing.  The bank employees also found the experience rewarding, and are keen to do the activity again.