A New Partnership between St John’s RC HS and Scottish Water

On Tuesday 19 December, Angela and Melissa had the opportunity to go along to St John’s RC High School to see the new partnership between the school and Scottish Water in action. The ‘Water Supply Challenge’ was set to a group of girls in S1 and S2. The pupils were split into four teams and each team was tasked with planning out how they would set up a pipe system carrying water to various locations, following set criteria. Teams had a ‘budget’ of £12,000, a set of instructions and costings for the land and resources required to complete the job. They had to plan the route, cost the project and then set it up. At the end of the challenge they were given the chance to add water to the system they built to see if their supply was successful or not.

The aim of the challenge was to practice various skills including team work, following instructions, working within a budget and planning, as well as getting an insight into work like quantity surveying, engineering, project management and logistics. The activity was a great success, with the pupils thoroughly enjoying it and learning a lot, and we look forward to seeing this great partnership develop over the year.