Tuesday 6th August 2019 is a date that fills most school pupils with dread. Scottish exam result day is under two weeks away and many young people can be disheartened by their results. But, are disappointing results the end?

On Tuesday 6th August the DYW team, partners, board members, and friends will be taking part in the #NoWrongPath social media campaign created by DYW Glasgow.

This campaign will show that many people have not taken the straight, obvious or traditional path to get to where they are now. We want show young people that there are a variety of ways to get into the career that they want – that there is #nowrongpath.

We’d like people from different sectors and professions to share a snippet of their story – what they did when they left school and where they are now.

How can you get involved?

  1. Pledge your support for the campaign and mark Tuesday 6th August 2019 in your diary.
  2. On Tuesday 6th August 2019, post a photograph on social media of yourself holding a handwritten sign outlining your name, what you did when you left school and what you are doing now. Remember to use #NoWrongPath and tag us!
  3. Nominate a friend or colleague and encourage them to get involved too!


For more information, examples and to download a template, visit www.nowrongpath.scot, we look forward to hearing about all your journeys!