Shared Apprenticeship Programme hits Dundee!

The Shared Apprenticeship Programme (SAP) has recently expanded from Angus into Dundee. The DYW D&A team are big fans and supporters of SAP and we are delighted that more young people and employers will now benefit from this successful programme.

A recent event at Dundee & Angus College marked SAP’s launch in Dundee, and there was an excellent turnout on the day, with attendees hearing from Kevin Murphy, Shared Apprentice Director, David Martin, Chief Executive of Dundee City Council and from apprentices about their positive experiences.

The event generated lots of positive media coverage and new companies have since signed up to the programme.

There are currently 24 Apprentices employed on SAP and with the recruitment of a further 12 apprentices already under way, it promises to be another exciting year ahead!


Why SAP?

SAP is a non-for-profit organisation which started in 2015. Set up as a partnership between Dundee & Angus College, Angus Council and CITB, it was designed to address the skills shortage in construction, support local employers and encourage young people into the sector.

For many small/medium sized employers, taking on an apprentice for 4 years was a big commitment, and was preventing them from helping create the next generation of workers. SAP was set up to provide employers with flexibility, so they could contribute to training apprentices, without the long term commitment.


How does it work?

SAP employs all of the apprentices and places them with ‘host’ employers in the following trades: Joinery, Brickwork, Painting/Decorating and Roofing/Slating. The ‘host’ employs an apprentice for a minimum of 3 months.

SAP covers all wages when apprentices are at college, and annual, sickness and parental leave pay. Host employers are invoiced for the time that an apprentice is working with them, plus 20% to cover costs.  Apprentices’ wages align with the Scottish Building Apprenticeship and Training Council wage rates.


Benefits for the Employer

–          No National Insurance Costs

–          No holiday pay

–          No pay while at College

–          No pension contribution costs

–          No PPE costs

–          Short term commitment

–          Helps provide a flexible workforce

–          Basic toolkits provided for each apprentice

–          All paperwork, HR issues, wage administration, holidays etc. all dealt with by SAP



1st Year Apprentice          *191.88 per week (plus VAT)

2nd Year Apprentice         *259.74 per week (plus VAT)

*correct as of May 2017


What Employers Say

“Engaging an apprentice was very straight forward……we have added to the workforce without having the costs associated with apprentices via the traditional route and it gives us more flexibility.” William Milne, Director, Milnbank Ltd.

“Pert Bruce is delighted to support SAP. This is an example of an initiative which addresses one of the construction industry’s biggest challenges of skill shortage.” Craig Bruce, Director, Pert Bruce Construction Ltd.  


If you are an employer who would like to find out more SAP, or a young person who may like to apply to join, then please contact the DYW Dundee & Angus Team on 01382 443409 or at