What We Do – Employers


Why DYW?

  • Help you easily engage with schools and the college
  • Helps you attract, retain and recruit staff.
  • Raise the profile of your business and industry.
  • Develop and engage your current staff
  • Help develop young people to become ‘work ready’
  • Access the skills and fresh perspectives of young people
  • There are also two digital platforms for education and employers to use to connect, employers click here
what we do for business

What We Do – Young People

Why DYW?

  • Learn directly from employers about the skills you’ll need to enter their workforce
  • Gain work-related skills and knowledge
  • Develop better understanding of industries, and the range of jobs available within them.
  • Make more informed choices about your future education and career
  • Enhance your CV
what we do for young people

What We Do – Education

Why DYW?

  • Easily engage with local employers
  • Deliver more experiential learning in the classroom
  • Enhance curriculum delivery through work- related activity
  • Help young people you work with get skills and knowledge the workforce needs
  • Increase your own understanding of industry and the local labour market
  • Help young people achieve a sustained positive destination after they leave education
  • There are also two digital platforms for education and employers to use to connect, educators click here
what we do for education

What We Do – Parents

Why DYW?

  • Helps young people make informed choices about their future
  • Understand the wide range of options for young people when they leave education
  • Develops young people’s confidence, skills and experience
  • Helps young people understand what employers want
  • Gives young people the opportunity to learn about industry and the jobs market
what we do for parents

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