Right Skills Right Job

The DYW Dundee & Angus Employability Skills Programme is a series of 6 modules looking at different things young people need to think about when they are looking for employment. For each module there is a task in the workbook, and this is accompanied by a short film made by a local employer (this would usually be a face to face talk in the classroom). It can be used by any young person in senior phase at school, in College, with another training provider or wanting to work through it on their own. Completion of all 6 modules can be included in evidence for an employability award. Download the workbook now by clicking the image opposite – this can either be printed or completed electronically. Make a start to your career pathway today!

DYW Pathways

Meet Jolene from Skills Development Scotland who is discussing how there doesn’t need to be one straight forward path from school to employment and everyone has a different path. Jolene is also passing on some useful tips so you can begin your journey in the right way.

DYW Personal Finance

Meet Fay and Lyndon from Brooksbank Debt & Benefit Advice Service. Fay and Lyndon are discussing how to manage your own personal finances, how to budget depending on your income and outgoings, and how to avoid getting into serious debt.

DYW Online Presence

Meet Paul from Robertson Construction who is discussing how important your online presence is in promoting who you are and how it might impact on your employment prospects. Paul gives his knowledge on what employers look for in your online appearance.

DYW CV’s & Covering Letter

Meet Marie from Angus Soft Fruits who is giving advice on what a CV is, how best to write your CV and Covering Letter, how important these are and what should be included.

DYW Interview Skills

Meet Manny, Manager of Sleeperz Hotel Dundee, Here Manny gives advice on how to prepare for an interview, and handy tips of what to do and what not to do during your interview.

DYW Rules & Responsibilities

Meet Duncan from HR Department who is discussing how important rules and responsibilities are for progressing into the workplace. Duncan will go over the employment contract and will go into further detail on attendance, performance & behaviour and discipline & grievance