Zudu and D&A College Focus Group

The DYW Dundee & Angus team are always helping and encouraging businesses to engage with local young people, so that young people have a better understanding and awareness of the world of work; the careers and industries that exist, the qualifications and skills that are required and the potential pathways. This benefits the young people immediately and in the long-term it helps local businesses, as these young people will be better prepared when they enter the workforce, making better candidates and employees.
But DYW D&A are also always looking for and encouraging opportunities that help local businesses in the immediacy as well.

App & Web development company Zudu were able to do just that.

Zudu have been working with NHS Tayside, specifically Sexual Health Tayside, to develop a C-Card app. This app has been available for some time now, but Zudu and clients NHS are determined to keep improving it and provide the best experience for users. As part of this they undertake Focus Groups to explore new ideas and features and make sure the app is relevant for its target audience.

Zudu engaged with a 2nd year computing class at Dundee & Angus College, a good mix of the target audience age range. Zudu and NHS worked with the young people to explore the app. Several ideas and thoughts came out of the process and the feedback received. Zudu and NHS will now take these away and use them to continue the development of the app and the service it provides, making it as effective as possible for all users and the client.

As a thanks for participating, and to help the students, Zudu also spent time discussing and exploring their practice and experience with the students. Rick and James of Zudu talked to the students about the founding of the company and its aims. They then spoke about the importance of planning and constant communication with clients, to ensure the product meets their needs and avoid unnecessary duplication and re-working. This agile working is the cornerstone of Zudu, something they are renowned for, and it is an incredible example of the working world for students, which gives relevancy and context to what they are learning in class.

This unique and contained project is an ideal example of DYW work. Zudu, a local business, are achieving an aspect of an ongoing, client project while the students have the opportunity to learn about the working world. The students gain so much from the experience; the opportunity to see a business engaging with a client and participate, to hear first-hand about the growth of a local SME business (this is particularly valuable, as 98% of Scottish businesses are SME’s and this is likely the environment the young people will end up working in) and the chance to see how what they are learning in theory in class, is applied in the reality of the working world.

If you are interested in undertaking a similar project, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the DYW Dundee & Angus team.